Who We Are

We are a church community in Columbia, South Carolina that feels God's calling to serve the community of the University of South Carolina.

Our Vision

A church multiplying disciples who are one with Christ in person and purpose.

Our Mission

To cultivate a community devoted to understanding Christ’s redemption and holiness to the extent that it transforms our identity and redefines our calling to make this gospel fully known to the ends of the Earth.

Our Core Values

  • Authority of Scripture
  • Intimacy with God
  • Authentic Community
  • Responsibility of Mission
Group Photo

Our History

Hill of the Lord began in the Fall of 2003 as a Southern Baptist Church plant. Three preview services were held that Fall and weekly services began in the Spring. We met for worship on Sunday mornings at various locations on campus including the Russell House Theater, Rutledge Chapel and Currell College through the Spring of 2013.

The first small group formed during the Spring of 2003 and this group became the core team and then the leadership team. This group, comprised of many students and others over the years faithfully led the church for many years and was instrumental in the leadership transition that occurred following the Summer of 2005 when the planting pastor and his wife had to leave the church. Adam was involved in the leadership of the church as a part of that leadership team and was called to pastor the church soon after that transition.

In January of 2013, we transitioned to a new leadership structure that we believe better follows the pattern of scripture and will serve our church well as we continue to grow.