An Update on Hill of the Lord University Church


We wanted to update you on the meeting we had as a church on Sunday, August 17 regarding moving forward. We took the time to talk together through each of the options and then discussed where each of us individually felt the Lord leading. It was not an easy discussion but there was an incredible spirit of grace, love and unity. The church unanimously voted to conclude. As painful as this decision was to make given all that HOTL means to us and all that we know HOTL means to those who have gone out from us, this was the direction that God led. Please pray that God would help with this transition and the grieving process.

The plan moving forward is as follows:

  • For the remaining two Sundays in August we will meet in the mornings at Park Street at 11 AM for worship.
  • During the month of September, we will meet at Park Street at 4 PM for worship. With these free mornings we encourage you to "explore" some of the other fellowships in Columbia. We are looking forward to doing this exploring together or in groups.
  • October 5 will be our final Sunday of worship and we will meet at 11 AM at Park Street. We are really looking forward to celebrating God's faithfulness to us as a church! It would be great if some past members came! We will celebrate afterward with a lunch potluck.
  • To help with the transition, our small groups will plan to continue meeting and we will schedule monthly potlucks through the Fall.

Please pray specifically that we would know how to support those who have gone out to serve overseas. This transition will be very difficult for them and we want to make sure that we continue to support them. We are praying that God would provide other churches, maybe the ones that we end up going to, that would support and pray for them.

Thanks church for your grace and love during this time. God is sovereign, in control and has a plan for us.


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