As a part of Christ's church, we at Hill of the Lord believe that we have a glorious and high mission to reach the world with the gospel. We want to be a church that multiplies disciples who are one with Christ in person and purpose, and who fulfill the mission in whichever circle of influence they have been given.

We regularly plan events to serve the city, and we've sent workers out around the world who are sharing the good news. Please read below to hear more about our friends around the globe.

The Horn of Africa

Hi! We are excited to be HOTL's representation here in the Horn of Africa. There are three of us here, serving on two different teams. We work on humanitarian projects with unreached, unengaged people groups who live in two of the world’s hardest-to-access nations.

We are in the midst of language and culture learning (though we will always be learning language and culture). Since stories and proverbs are the main way that wisdom is passed from generation to generation, we are learning to tell stories so that we can pass on the Wisdom and Truth of the Father to people who have never heard it before.

Our days consist of meeting neighbors, praying over the communities that we live in, and somehow, food always seems to be involved. We feel privileged to work alongside national believers here, encouraging them and learning from them as we work together to see the darkness pushed back in this part of the world.

If you'd like to know more about our work or get our regular updates, contact us for more information. A great way to support us is through the Lottie Moon offering.

With love,
HOTL in the Horn