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University Church

Hill of the Lord University Church is no longer meeting. This site will remain online indefinitely to provide access to existing sermons and other resources.
Worship service

Sunday Mornings

We meet on the campus of Park Street Baptist at 11 AM Sunday mornings. Come early and enjoy some free coffee from Cool Beans, and feel free to bring your children as childcare is provided. We're currently working our way through the book of Luke. Afterwards, we usually have lunch together on the Horseshoe, at the Russell House, or another restaurant in the area.

Shoe pile

Sunday Evenings

Hangout: it's a way of celebrating and enjoying the fellowship available to us in Jesus. Our church hangs out together on Sunday evening, but with different a focus each week. Every first Sunday of the month we take time to serve the community in some way. The last Sunday of the month, communion Sunday, we set aside time to share a meal together in the evening, usually a Potluck dinner at someone's house.

We have some traditions for Sunday night potlucks throughout the year: special Easter potlucks, chili night, annual pumpkin carving, men's bake-off, white elephant gift exchange for Christmas, and so much more.


Throughout The Week

We have small groups that meet Monday through Thursday during the week. Some meet on campus and others meet off campus in people's homes. We have both gender-specific and mixed gender small groups.

We encourage everyone to join a small group. It's where true community, authentic fellowship, and deep spiritual growth happens. Generally each small group focuses on a specific book of the Bible to guide their study.

The group on a mountain

Other Events

Our church finds ways to spend time together. Our activities can get pretty adventurous. Some of these include a camping trip twice a year, tubing on the Green River, the SC State Fair, and a summer beach trip to Charleston, and so much in between.

At the beginning of each semester, we join in on USC's Welcome Week activities. The Tour de USC, a tour of the best student bike routes around Columbia, is just one of the ways we welcome new students to USC.

We have also helped in organizing the Secret Church simulcast, the Multiply simulcast event, and other joint services with local Columbia churches.